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AIoT Lab header

The goal of the AIoT Lab is to provide a collaboration platform for testing and validating some of the concepts which we are developing in the AIoT User Group. Participants can propose new research topics or initiate micro testbeds. The lab provides AIoT expertise and access to an academic ecosystem.

AIoT Lab Heilbronn

The AIoT Lab Heilbronn is operated by Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institute at the Research Campus in Heilbronn. This setup ensures access to the academic network in Heilbronn, which can be easily extended to include the greater Stuttgart area and Baden Würtemberg.

Demo system and research areas

The AIoT Lab has built an initial demo system which utilizes AI-based ultra sound analysis to detect leakages in pneumatic systems. The goal is to use this platform as a real-world demo to evaluate concepts in the following areas:

  • Holistic DevOps: Validation of best practices for an integrated DevOps model which combines cloud, edge and AI
  • AI/ML model re-use: how can re-use of existing models be maximized, especially from the point of view of smaller companies with limited R&D capabilities
Lego Pneumatic System

The team successfully demonstrated the first running solution to STACKIT, one of the sponsors:

AIoT Lab Event with STACKIT