PS RnD Con

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Bosch PS R&D Conference

PS R&D Con - AIoT & Digitalization

Smart, connected products

Smart, connected products with AIoT

Example 1

Product intelligence: Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Example 2

Swarm intelligence: School bus fleet operator

AIoT Business Strategy
Key Plays of the AIoT Playbook
Business Strategy
Digital OEM
Digital Equipment Operator
Hybrid Models
Why: Product vs Solution

AIoT Business Execution

Key Plays of the AIoT Playbook
Commercialization and scalability strategy for smart, connected products

AIoT Technical Execution

Key Plays of the AIoT Playbook
AIoT Overview

Overview of Ignite AIoT Framework AIoT - DevOps and Infrastructure

HOW: Key design decisions
AI Product Categories
Example: "first-time-right" AIoT product (fire alarm)
Example: continuous improvement of AI models (driver assistance)

Background is developed by AIoT User Group